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At TL2Q, we provide unclaimed property
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TL2Q LLC is a nationwide provider of unclaimed property compliance services to government entities. We are the result of combining the operating strengths and practice insights of a full-service, top-tier Certified Public Accounting firm with the particularized knowledge and experience of skilled unclaimed property industry professionals, each from varying perspectives within the trade, supported by a leadership team that hails from the accounting, legal, and government regulatory and enforcement professions. At TL2Q our goals are simple: providing value, excellent service, and meaningful solutions that meet our clients' needs.




TL2Q’s unclaimed property leadership team hails from virtually every corner of the industry, including advocate, holder, third-party audit, and state administration. That diversified experience turns varied industry wisdom into expeditious and successful resolution of client engagements regardless of their complexity or size.





In addition, TL2Q maintains a support staff of dedicated professionals with years of unclaimed property, legal, operational, and accounting experience.


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